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Jamie has created hundreds of profiting websites over the last five years.
I will register a strongly appealing domain name for you, create original graphics and website design, all of the niche testing, members section, building and copywriting.
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Now are you at your computer? If so, take a look at this example: http://www.fiftytozero.com
This is the sales page. The sales copy (Which is the text) will be written by the same sales copy writer who did this site (FiftyToZero)
The graphics will be of the same quality and just so you know, this site converts incredibly and makes alot of money.
Then your graphics will be produced, sales copy written and then when the sales page and site pages are completed you will be the proud owner of a custom built money making website. Custom built by the best in the business!
It's a win win situation. Everybody benefits here, we both make money.
Thats the magic of a joint venture. We allocate a budget, we put our heads together and we create an incredible converting niche website.
We will launch a service similar to what we are proposing to you, next year so we are looking to work with a few lucky individuals such as yourself before we commit to a business model like this.
We have the resources and thats our business, we build websites.
So we would simply allocate the budgets, make sure everyone is comfortable and get started.
You would be working with Jamie of Champ Entertainment, and we are out of Connecticut.
We will contribute financially to the project. We both go in together to make sure its the best website on the market.
Again, This website will change your life. You get the sales page, the graphics, the site, You get everything!

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I Am giving 1 LUCKY PERSON (Only) Clickbank accounts with a custom created Clickbank offer and website (Exclusive to you.) $997.00

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